Primer + Bronzer = My New Addiction

So I have been using makeup a lot more now, and have been splurging on eye shadow palettes. I’ve been looking around at different primers and contouring kits as well because I have never used primer when I know I really need it, and contouring just scares me! I’m just so scared I’ll look like a clown!

I actually just bought a primer and bronzer from Perfectly Posh last week and got it in the mail today!


I went to check my mail today and was actually not expecting to receive my package until later this week because my back office as a Posh Consultant hasn’t updated at all so I never received an email or anything with a tracking number and a “Hey, your order has shipped!”. So that was an awesome surprise today!

I received a TON of goodies today! 2 of the products I got were a Bronzer and Primer that you can see as my Featured Photo for this post! I loved the primer because it was so shimmery and is a great base for makeup! It’s also gorgeous enough to be worn by itself! The Bronzer is also very impressive because it does not make you look like you’re working in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. I’m very scared to use contour for the very reason that I do not want to look orange. I used both primer and bronzer in my makeup routine today and as you can tell in the picture below, the bronzer does it’s job very well! It blends well and you make make it darker or thinner depending on how much you use at a time and how much you blend it in. I am very impressed with both products, and I am making sure I get stocked up on both before we get sold out!19702089_485981175077090_5793277870113907430_n.jpg

I am also currently hosting a GIVEAWAY during the entire month of July where any order you place this month will give you an entry to win your very own primer and bronzer set! I will also provide an extra product from our Summer Store, a can of tanning coconut oil! Please visit HERE to browse my website and place an order to gain your own entry into my giveaway! I already have a handful of entries already and it’s only a couple days into the month! Email me or leave a comment below if you have any questions!


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