Summer Sunburns Have Hit!!!

It’s summer! Time for the sun, heat, AND sunburns! However, sunburns will not be a problem if you’re properly prepared! There’s so many opportunities to be able to buy sunscreen, however who honestly likes the smell of sunscreen? That is why I am again so thankful to be able to be a part of a company where there are so many different products available for every situation!

This past weekend, I spent enough time in the sun where I got a MASSIVE sunburn! The best part of the fact that I have my own business is that I have an awesome healing body creme that has helped my nasty sunburn begin to turn into an awesome tan!

Usually when I get a sunburn, I just burn and I hate dealing with the pain and the peeling. There was one point almost 10 years ago when I was a counselor at a summer camp and my chest sunburn got so bad it resulted in blisters. My chest has always been extremely sensitive since then and I’m thankful for a product that can allow me to spend a day in the sun and not worry if I get burned or not because it helps heal my skin.

Honey Honey is an all natural healing body cream with the fragrance of lemon and honey. I am in love with it because like I stated earlier, I have never been able to tan. I could only be albino white or tomato red. Now, I don’t have to worry about putting on sunscreen because I can spend all day out in the sun then apply my honey honey body cream to everywhere what was exposed to sun! The lotion will heal any damage my skin has received that day and I’m able to go right back into the sun the next day! Now I can’t promise that this will work with everybody because each person reacts to the sun differently. However, this has worked wonders for me and I can’t wait to see the results and reviews for others who try it!




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