Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser

Hello, everyone! I am currently hosting a fundraiser to support our veterans through Wounded Warrior Project. My fiance is a retired vet, and served our country for 11 years. Wounded Warrior Project provides programs and services to veterans that they need. There are so many vets that get injured or pass away while they’re in battle and they deserve to receive all the help and support they can get. My fiance was in the Army for 11 years and he currently suffers from PTSD and a bulging disk in his neck. He was deployed twice. His first deployment was to Iraq and his second was to Afghanistan.

I currently work with Perfectly Posh as an Independent Consultant, and I have been working with the business since 2016. We sell 100% natural products are made in the US, so that is why I believe that we are the perfect company to be able to raise money for the veterans of this country!

I will be hosting a 2 week online fundraising event to raise money to donate to WWP. I will be vlogging about the experience as well to be able to share with everyone.

During the 2 week event, you will be able to place an order through my event entitled Perfectly Posh with Tara – Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser.

After the event is over, I will donate half of my earnings to WWP. I know you could easily go to WWP and make a direct donation yourself, but through my fundraiser you can donate to a good cause as well as receive some awesome products as well!

I also have an added bonus! Each person who places an order will be entered into a drawing to be able to receive a small gift basket as well! Place your order today and help support a good cause.


Please visit the link below to view my event and place your order today! The event ends June 6th, 2017.



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