Tim’s Trucking Adventures

We have finally started a new chapter in our lives!

Yesterday evening, Tim left for his new job and I will be home alone for the next 5 days! Over the past couple months, he has been hired on as a truck driver through a company called J.B. Hunt and has been going through the hiring process and going to school to get his CDL in order to drive truck . Now that everything is in order and the proper paperwork has been filled out and sent in, he is now with a trainer and will be over the road for 5 days a week and home for 36 hours (about a day and a half) as days off.

After he is with his trainer for at least a month, he will need to take a test in order for J.B. Hunt to make sure he learned and is capable of driving a semi on his own and do his job properly. Then he will be able to start driving on his own!

Either way, whether he is with his trainer or when he starts on his own, he will be gone for 5 days a week. Our neighbor also is a truck driver, but with a different company where he has the opportunity to home home every night.  I don’t know if Tim’s decision with accepting this job would have been different if he had his kids full time instead of just on the weekends, but I don’t believe it would have because he took this opportunity to support me and his kids and provide us a better life.

I will be providing more updates on Tim and his trucking adventures as time goes on and I’ll be sure to let everyone know how he is doing!


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